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In 1992 or there about, I launched an art center in Hudson MA. We offered classes and workshops, gallery, studio and maker space and events including poetry slams. my own studio practice included teaching, painting and running the art center. I worked with local galleries and often participated in solo and group exhibits. In 2001, I transplanted my young daughter into the generative glacial valley in the south east corner of rural Vermont.

I began painting floor cloths shortly after our relocation when I made the questionable purchase of a charming 100 year old tiny farmhouse. By charming I mean, needs a lot of work, so to clothe my tired and worn wood floors, I started painting floor cloths, marrying the colors, design and textures I had used on the walls. Within a few short years a substantial garden surrounded the tiny yellow house and a small menagerie of goats, chickens, rabbits, cats and a dog had joined us, all have subsequently found their way onto my floor cloth paintings. As the agrarian culture revealed itself I was pulled by the harvests and drama of the seasons. As the focal points of my collages, they became small studies of the abundance surrounding me, their impermanence and their decay.

So when that young daughter grew up and left home for school, I returned to school as well. My MFA studio practice has allowed me excavate our long history as women surviving in patriarchal cultures. It has been a personal joy to revive an interest in education, to embark on a reconnaissance of personal experiences and especially to explore new medium. I’ve become fascinated with creating art that does not hang on a wall.

In addition to MFA program, my current studio practice includes creating commissioned floor cloths, painting small studies and mixed media/collage. Graphic designs utilizing the studies, are printed on fabrics used in interior design elements; throw pillows, window treatments and tiles. I facilitate workshops in my studio twice a year so that you can create your own floor cloth and learn some basic techniques. The workshops are all day and include a yummy lunch, handmade pasta and local veggies are some menu examples. In addition to the floor cloths, the small paintings can also be commissioned pieces. I participate in Open Studios several times per year and additionally you can find prints and collage work, in galleries and exhibits throughout New England.

I can’t remember a time I did not draw and paint, I have been compelled to create with my hands, to think as a creator always. Creating is how I would describe my work. You’ll need to be a guest in my studio to discover what that means.

Feel free to get in touch, either by email at or phone (802) 463-9530